22 November 2019

Mexico hosted the Third Module of ARPEL Leadership Program on Gas and Renewable Energy given by IHS-Markit

  • The third module of ARPEL Leadership Program on “The Role of Gas, Coal and Renewables as Source of Energy in an Increasingly Decarbonized World” was held November 20-22 in Monterrey, Mexico.

    Professionals from CUPET, PEMEX, Tecpetrol, Transpetro, Recope, Frontera Energy, Schlumberger and YPF participated in this event.

    In its 2018 and 2019 editions, the Leadership Program was in charge of high-level trainers of IHS-Markit, an ARPEL member company.

    The trainers of the third module were Timothy Stephure, David Crisostomo and Etienne Gabel.

    The first day was a recap of the global picture and the key trends that clearly show that renewable energy is on the rise. Renewable energy and the energy markets. Where are we and where could we be going? Innovation and technology: Is there a change in the rules of the game on the horizon? These were the topics discussed during the first day.

    On the second day, an analysis was made on the gas sector and how the various fuels compete and complement each other to varying degrees at different times, especially in Latin America. The topics addressed were: natural gas - bridge fuel or key contributor? and renewable energy, gas and the road to the future of Latin America according to IHS.

    The training ended with a technical visit to the PEMEX Gas Plant and ENEL Wind Farm.

    The main objective of ARPEL Leadership Program, open to professionals from member and non-member companies, is for leaders and future new leaders to gain a broad vision of the future of the energy sector, the major questions arising from possible scenarios, and the factors and skills that will be needed to solve the problems to successfully navigate toward the future.

    It consists of three modules: Global Factors and their Effects on the Latin American Upstream Sector; Downstream Sector, the New Normal Role of Refining in a World of Changing Demand; and Gas and Renewables, and their Role as Power Fuels in an Increasingly Decarbonized World.

    For more information on this annual program, please visit https://arpel.org/programa-alta-gerencia/


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17 December 2019

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