21 May 2018


  • Professionals of Ancap, Enap, Geopark Chile, Geopark Colombia, Metrogas, and Universidad de La Frontera of Chile participated in the course "Community Relations Management and Resolution of Conflicts in the Extractive and Energy Industry," which took place in mid-April in Santiago, Chile.

    In its first edition in Chile, the purpose of the training was to provide skills to address the increasing challenges associated with the socio-environmental dynamics faced by the extractive and energy industry.

    The course is based on the Community Relations Management System of ARPEL (https://arpel.org/library/publication/342/) a management model that enables oil and gas companies in Latin America and the Caribbean to define, apply and monitor the compliance with policies of integration and engagement with communities and indigenous peoples, and to the achievement of the objectives of integration, continuance and exit from the communities, and the implementation of projects, plans and programs that guarantee the system effectiveness.

    Delivering conceptual and methodological tools to identify and understand the main socio-environmental elements that affect community relations, and transferring skills and abilities to manage the risks and impacts inherent to the industry, as well as preventing and transforming socio-environmental conflicts are also specific objectives pursued with this training.

    Click on the following link to view the photo gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147389427@N08/albums/72157666810979717

    For more information on ARPEL courses, please contact Verónica Ferreira at cursos@arpel.org.uy or by calling (+ 598) 2623 6993 Ext. 123.


24 April 2020

ARPEL signs MOU with API and expands its network to provide value to its member companies

ARPEL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Petroleum Institute (API), the North American trade association representing all facets of the oil and natural gas industry. “ARPEL is pleased to announce the signing ...
06 April 2020

Will oil and gas companies stick to their energy transitions pledges?

When ARPEL launched its White Paper on Energy Transitions [https://arpel.org/library/publication/519/](https://arpel.org/library/publication/519/) earlier this year, we could see a promising horizon along a blue sky. Several companies were pledging a range of GHG emissions reductions, up to ...