Expert delegates and executives of the region work in cooperation in the Technical Committees and Working Groups, forming the engine of the Association to carry forward its strategic lines.

  • They develop work processes for continuous improvement based on the exchange of best practices and knowledge in discussion forums.
  • With unfolding innovations, they develop and edit Guides and Manuals that provide a basis for member companies to enrich their business models.
  • They contribute to provide training and the technical support required by member companies in the implementation of best practices.
  • They provide information to conduct benchmarking studies, whose purpose is to measure and compare the improvement in the performance of member companies.
  • The Technical Committees work with the support of the Executive Secretariat of ARPEL.


Exploration and Production

Created in 2008.

In the context of the socio-economic, political and regulatory scenario of the energy market drivers, the difficulty to access resources and the great dynamics of existing business associations, this Committee assesses the challenges and promotes opportunities for the development of upstream business in the region.

From another perspective, the Committee discusses new technologies and develops best management practices with the goal of continuously improving the sectors’ operational performance.

It also addresses cross-cutting themes, such as environmental, social and occupational issues as they impact on the exploration and production operations and performance.

  • “As Chairman of the ARPEL Exploration and Production Committee, it is my desire to strengthen this ambit where partners exchange experiences for their continuous improvement and where dialogue and collaboration with governments, industry and society is encouraged so that E&P activity leverages the development of our countries in a safe and environmentally friendly way”

    Mario Grinberg, Chairperson, ARPEL Exploration and Production Committee

“We represent a unique regional forum for those companies of the upstream value chain committed to exchange experiences and knowledge on operational and management challenges as well as to promote the sustainable development of the oil and gas resources of the Region through the interaction with governmental players and other key stakeholders."

Miguel Moyano, Upstream Director - ARPEL