Expert delegates and executives of the region work in cooperation in the Technical Committees, forming the engine of the Association to carry forward its strategic lines.

  • They develop work processes for continuous improvement based on the exchange of best practices and knowledge in discussion forums.
  • With unfolding innovations, they develop and edit Guides and Manuals that provide a basis for member companies to enrich their business models.
  • They contribute to provide training and the technical support required by member companies in the implementation of best practices.
  • They provide information to conduct benchmarking studies, whose purpose is to measure and compare the improvement in the performance of member companies.
  • The Technical Committees work with the support of the Executive Secretariat of ARPEL.


Health, Safety and Environment

Created in 1991.

The work of this Committee cuts across upstream and downstream operations and is centered on occupational health and prevention of accidents in the workplace, on the integrity of operations, and on the continuous improvement of environmental management performance - with special attention to oil spill preparedness and response.

Its focuses on identifying new issues and challenges regarding health, safety and environment, working together to assess potential impacts on the industry and developing regional strategies to address them. Additionally, the Committee develops and promotes best practices in management systems, contributes towards the required training and compiles annual statistics on safety performance, and prepares a full environmental benchmarking report for its members.


  • “Successful occupational health and safety management is a fundamental part of the success of our industry and our company, where we concentrate every effort to ensure that everyone who works in our operations returns home unharmed. Being part of ARPEL has allowed us to continue strengthening our culture to ensure the wellbeing of our workers and the safety of our operations, as we are able to access the best practices and programs that make the oil and gas industry a leader in promoting safety and environmental stewardship.”

    Carlos Gómez Real, HSE Manager, GeoPark, Chair Health, Safety and Environment ARPEL Committee

“Thanks to the active participation of each delegate in the Committee and in the Project Teams, member companies exchange best practices, lessons learned to improve their performance in three key issues for the sector: Health, Safety and Environment. Since its creation in the early 1990s, we have maintained our commitment and kept on working together to enhance knowledge and thus achieve operational excellence: zero accidents; mitigation of environmental impacts, and promotion of healthy working environments."

Tiphaine Le Moënner, Project Manager