Expert delegates and executives of the region work in cooperation in the Technical Committees, forming the engine of the Association to carry forward its strategic lines.

  • They develop work processes for continuous improvement based on the exchange of best practices and knowledge in discussion forums.
  • With unfolding innovations, they develop and edit Guides and Manuals that provide a basis for member companies to enrich their business models.
  • They contribute to provide training and the technical support required by member companies in the implementation of best practices.
  • They provide information to conduct benchmarking studies, whose purpose is to measure and compare the improvement in the performance of member companies.
  • The Technical Committees work with the support of the Executive Secretariat of ARPEL.


Refining and Fuels

Created in 2004.

This Committee seeks to promote and facilitate the sustainable development of oil refining sector in the region, also including the distribution and commercialization of fuels, and the inclusion of biofuels in the value chain.

Its main focus is on the continuous improvement of processes and operational management systems, on the mechanical integrity of equipment in refining plants, on the quality of fuels, and on minimizing their social and environmental impacts.

  • “The objective of the Refining and Fuels Committee, fully in line with the vision of ARPEL, is to encourage the exchange of best practices across the entire chain of the oil refining industry, which includes the planning of new projects, their implementation, the exchange of best practices in operations and maintenance, the result of the application of new technologies and the mutual assistance among companies to help find solutions to specific problems. ”

    Ricardo Buyatti, Downstream Manager - ARPEL