Pipeline Integrity Management Program- Module I: External Corrosion

Lurín, Lima-Perú


The Accreditation Program on Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) aims to facilitate the identification of all the different threats that may interfere on this type of infrastructure and implement prevention and mitigation actions in order to minimize the effects over them and thus the consequences on people, the environment, the economy, the reputation of the company and the infrastructure itself.

This program consists of 4 theoretical and practical modulesthat, upon approval, the student automatically receives the Regional Accreditation: I) external corrosion; II) internal corrosion; III) Forces of nature, operational errors and actions by third parties; and IV) Evaluation of mechanical integrity and risk assessment; IV) Evaluation of Mechanical Integrity and Risk Assessment. What is presented below is the first module.


The external corrosion is one of the threats to which it is subjected any transportation pipeline of oil or other hazardous material -either liquid or gaseous state.

This module deals with each of the types of external corrosion that can occur in a duct, stating and explaining the damage mechanisms, with the aim of facilitating identification of the different damages and establish appropriate inspection techniques for noting them, apart from the matters that may be considered in their mitigation.


Professionals involved in pipeline operations: inspection and maintenance; risk analysis and assessment; design, construction and projects; as well as their corresponding suppliers of goods and services.

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