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Hydrocarbons Storage Tanks Inspection Plans

These guidelines, developed by ARPEL, consolidate the experience and best practices of the industry in the region, based also in the most relevant codes and standards globally. Attached you will find the table of content of the guidelines. The access to this document is restricted to ARPEL members. To requests for digital copies please contact Hard copies can be directly acquired through the following link.
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Manual for Pipeline Integrity Management 

Developed by ARPEL, this Manual suggests the best integrity management practices for pipelines of liquid hydrocarbons, gas and biofuels aiming at achieving excellence in their responsible operational, social and environmental management. The Manual includes a digital file with a check list for each threat (internal corrosion, external corrosion, forces of the nature, third-party actions, and operational mistakes) with the objective to simplify the revision and compilation of the required information to support the failure probability assessment and the consequences during risk analysis process. This Manual also includes the means, actions and methods to detect damage and mitigate threats as a support for acting on failure probability or damage susceptibility of each threat. Attached you will find the first chapter and table of content. Through the following link you can acquire a hard copy of the Manual

Once acquired, please remember to request the excel file with the check list to