ARPEL Leadership Program

The world is transitioning to a new energy future – one where major questions exist about how to position for the future. As a result, energy and oil and gas companies in particular need to understand a more complex and interconnected set of problems which range from—what the future energy mix should be; what effect will decarbonization have; what is the proper mix of upstream assets – conventional, unconventional, offshore and EOR; and what is the value proposition energy companies bring to communities or the license to operate in increasing sensitive areas. As a result of the onset of digitalization, more powerful computers and automation, industry has massive amounts of data to shift through. To be successful then, a new level of understanding and skills are needed.

Program objectives

Leaders and rising new leaders will get a wide vision of the future of the industry, the major questions arising from the possible scenarios, and the factors and skills that will be needed to solve the problems to navigate successfully to the future.

More specifically the program will provide:

Tools for developing strategies for the future and understanding of the factors and actors affecting them.

Skills in decision making which include best practices.

A common understanding of the regional problems and understanding of the options and pros and cons of each.

A network of the next generation of globally responsible leaders, who have a common base of the region and the industry challenges.

Participant Profile

Participants are current senior leaders and the next generation of senior leadership. They share common skills such as strong analytical and communication abilities, as well as a willingness to engage in debate and challenge old dogma. They should be able to devote two full focused days per module.


The program will challenge participants utilizing a combination of lectures, case studies, and interactive sessions with regional / local experts. The material is designed to both provoke dialogue and critical thinking.

The course content is divided into a series of modules focused on three cores:

Module 1

Global industry major themes and their importance to the strategies and visions of companies in Latin American and the Caribbean. Upstream challenges & development.

Module 2

The Refining’s role in Energy Transition and Energy Security landscape.

Module 3

Gas and renewables, and their role as power fuels in an increasingly decarbonized world. Energy transitions. Innovation, technology and key disruptors.

Language: English - Simultaneous interpretation will be available

El programa de Alta Gerencia en sus dos primeras ediciones, 2018 y 2019, estuvo a cargo de un staff de instructores de alto nivel pertenecientes a S&P Global, empresa socia de ARPEL.
Testimony of Mauricio Martín
Digital Technologies and Transversal Solutions Vice President

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