27 July 2018


  • Montevideo, 26 July 2018

    On July 1st, 2018, Izeusse Braga assumed as Executive Secretary of ARPEL, replacing Jorge Ciacciarelli, who served in that role between December 2013 and June 2018.

    ARPEL thanked Jorge Ciacciarelli for his commitment and great contribution to the growth of the Association, standing out, among other milestones of his management, the launching of the innovation platform innov@arpel, and the leadership program, which will serve as drivers for the transformation of the industry in this new global and regional energy scenario.

    On the other hand, the Association welcomes Izeusse Braga, who is an economist and has more than 45 years of business experience, of which 35 years are linked to the oil and gas industry. He holds a postgraduate degree in International Marketing from INSEAD, France, and received the IAG Marketing Master from the Catholic University of Rio.

    In Petrobras, he held several positions such as Commercial Director, President of Petrobras Fertilizantes (Petrofertil), Vice President of Petrobras International (Braspetro), Country Manager of the trading company of Petrobras (Interbras) in Argentina and Mexico and Manager of International Corporate Communications. He also held executive positions in companies such as General Telephone & Electronics, Morrison Knudsen Engineering Company, Kemper Insurance Group and the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

    For eight years, he was a representative of Petrobras in the United Nations Organization (Global Compact), Director and Vice President of ARPEL, Assistant Professor of the Dom Cabral Foundation and Advisor and Consultant of the GRLI Foundation for Latin America and the Caribbean.

    The vast experience of Izeusse Braga will be an essential contribution to guide the actions of the Association and to continue supporting the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    On the occasion of the assumption of Izeusse Braga, a welcome cocktail was held, attended by high-level government authorities, representatives of the diplomatic corps and executives of partner companies and national and international institutions with which ARPEL has a strong relationship.


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