06 December 2017

IGU and ARPEL sign agreement at Torre YPF to expand the scope of Innov@arpel

  • Buenos Aires, December 6, 2017. The Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARPEL) and the International Gas Union (IGU) signed today a new agreement at Torre YPF in Puerto Madero with the purpose of expanding the scope of Innov@arpel. The virtual platform for innovation and technology of ARPEL, which was recently launched, was developed with the objective of promoting the interaction between technology solutions providers and the operating companies in the energy sector, particularly oil and gas companies.

    The agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARPEL and Reserves Auditor of YPF, Carlos Colo, the Secretary General of IGU, Luis BertrĂ¡n, and the Executive Secretary of ARPEL, Jorge Ciacciarelli.

    IGU and ARPEL, partner institutions since April 2017, agreed to join efforts with the aim of promoting the use of the new tool among the members of this important international organization through the publication of significant technical works and industry news in order to establish ties with projects of interest, and learn about the new challenges of the gas industry in the region, among other actions.

    Through its various features, Innov@arpel offers the possibility of exchanging experiences and knowledge, as well as obtaining references of technologies already implemented by other users. Similarly, it allows contacting other members that are developing new solutions or performing innovation projects together with other stakeholders of the sector. It also collects information on the latest trends in the sector and provides access to quality technical works.

    IGU is the international institution of reference for the gas industry, its membership covers 97 % of the value chain at the global level and, as stated in its Mission, IGU is the key advocate of the political, technical and economic progress of the global gas industry, and of natural gas as the key to a sustainable energy mix.

    ARPEL is a non-profit association gathering companies and institutions of the oil, gas and biofuels sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was founded in 1965 as a vehicle of cooperation and mutual assistance among companies in the sector. Membership currently represents over 90% of the upstream and downstream activities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and includes national and international operating companies, providers of technology, goods and services for the value chain, and national and international institutions in the sector.

    To learn more about Innov@arpel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlMWbQORe2Y


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